"Ladies and Gentleman, Streetfighter"

Established in 1978 as Long Islands answer to the Broadway production of Beatlemania,

the band was conceived to capture the music, spirit, and feel of the worlds greatest Rock & Roll band, playing songs from three distinctively major evolutions of the Rolling Stones music;

1964-1968: Chuck Berry & the Blues to psychedelic: "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" "to Ruby Tuesday" 

1969-1973: Revolution & Political: "Street Fighting Man" to "You Can't Always Get What You Want"

1973 - present: "Still Rockin" to "It's Only Rock & Roll, But I Like It"

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Richie Lee



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STREETFIGHTER Has Appeared At : *The Meadowbrook Musical Arts Center, New Hampshire * The Guinness Brewery, Dublin, Ireland * The MGM Grand In Las Vegas * The Broadmoor, Colorado Springs and many, many more